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About the Contest

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Alamance County is home to many wonderful, large trees with fascinating backstories. The Alamance Champion Tree Project celebrates these trees by finding, measuring and crowning the largest tree of its species, along with overall Grand Champions (not necessarily the largest of their species!) in three special categories:

  • Champion Tree: largest known tree in the county!

  • Historic Tree: a running list of trees that arguably hold the most historic significance. Must be at least fifty years old but don't have to be the largest of their species.

  • Landmark Tree: a tree that commemorates a special occasion or holds significant value to an individual or group. Does not have to be the largest of its species.

What do Champions Win?

Bragging rights! You found the largest tree of its species in the entire county, or discovered a tree of special significance! Champion nominators will also receive an official champion tree certificate and a plaque to go in the ground by the tree.

Why are big trees important?

Old, big trees are a piece of Alamance's history, culture and community. They've shaded wedding proposals, witnessed historical events and inspired the creation of parks and recreational areas. They've also filtered our water, cleaned our air and even held the ground in place. For more details, please contact us.

Contact Us

Have any questions or comments about the competition? Reach out at

Champion Tree of Alamance County is sponsored by the North Carolina Forest Service and Alamance Parks.

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