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of Alamance County

Join the big tree hunt

Alamance County is home to giant trees that have, against all odds, survived centuries of storms, pests and development. These living monuments have cleaned our air, filtered our water and provided habitat for Piedmont wildlife over hundreds of years. From school grounds and city centers to backwoods and backyards, help us find, measure and celebrate the largest trees in Alamance County!

About the Contest

Get all the details on the competition, including the rules, guidelines and dates for nominating your champion tree contenders.

Find a Giant

Tips on where to find Alamance's largest trees, how to identify the tree's species and how to measure the height, girth and crown spread of your nomination!

Nominate a Tree

Nominations are closed for the 2019 Contest. Nominations are accepted biennially. Please check back for updates. 

Reigning Champions

Need to know how your big tree stacks up to the competition? View the list of champions waiting to be challenged!

Contact Us

Have any questions or comments about the competition? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Champion Tree of Alamance County is sponsored by Alamance Parks.


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